About Us

The seed for Human Care International were sown in the year 1984 when founder Dr. R.K. Massey felt the pain and helpless of leprosy patients. They lived under the tree in R.K Puram, Delhi. He stepped forward to make their lives better. From that day onwards, he began his and HCI’s journey and today we are working towards enhancing the lives of thousands of leprosy patients and their children, HIV/AIDS patients and their children, destitute ladies, orphaned children, blind girls & boys and abundant human being for the last 40 years.

HCI was officially registered in 17th April 2001 as a national organisation under the SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT- XXI of 1860. Now, HCI is serving the thousands of people with different projects namely:

Ø  Prem Dham 1 & 2 (for children)

Ø  Human Care Hospital (Registered with the Health Ministry of Delhi)

Ø  Royal Palace (a senior citizen home

Ø  SITI Project & Education Hub supported by CELEBI Delhi Cargo Management India

Ø  English education

Ø  Braille language and computer training for blind students and general students

Ø  Medicine Bank through this Bank we are providing medicine to needy and sick people

free of cost.

Ø  New Life Charitable School

Ø  Karuna Dham

Ø  Emergency Relief

Ø  DAFFPL through this project we are giving hope to our youth providing by computer

training, management training and also placement.

Ø  Star School of Education and Technology dedicated for girls of blind people, HIV/AIDS people, leprosy patient, widows and other needy girls.

We, an NGO in Delhi are supporting the underserved and have been keenly reaching the unreached in the remotest of rural areas and urban slums with our services.

Mission & Vision

Bring compassion to life to the homeless, orphans, widows and downtrodden.

To serve all the suffering people of the world, irrespective of their caste, creed, color or nationality.

Giving hope and education to the underprivileged, orphans, semi orphans, empowering women. Provide shelter to the homeless women, children, specially challenged people and old aged women.

Making a world class hospital to treat every section of society.

Core Values

Be the change you want to see : Education for every child with integrity, compassion and belief in being a good steward of resources and in exercising the funds for the growth of our people.

Family is the core value in everything. Honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned by commitment to the community service.

Celebrate and appreciate with the patrons being accountable