Prem Dham

Prem Dham – 1 Dedicated for the children of leprosy patient, orphans, abused girl child and street children for the last 25 years.

Prem Dham – 2 – Its dedicated for boys from leprosy community, orphans and street children.

Human Care Hospital

A 25 bedded hospital having four stories and is recognized by Health Ministry Delhi Govt. running since 1911.

Royal Palace

A Home for Senior Citizens
This is newly built four story building with fully ventilated self-contained rooms. Dedicated for the senior citizens since 5 past years.

Star School of Education

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.”-Plato The school aims to build bright brains of the children of blind parents, blind students, widows and those with scarce resources. Through this project our motto is to give hope & future to these needy students and sow the seeds of hope in them amid hardships, so that they can withstand the tides of time. 

Star India Training Institute

Through this institution, we are giving hope for blind students and general young students providing computer education, english classes, braille language, art & craft, beauty parlour training, and other number of trainings. Hundreds of students have completed their training. They are doing good jobs and living life with dignity.

SITI Computer & Education Hub

(supported by CELEBI Delhi Cargo Management India)
Using this project we are providing computer education, English Language, Motivational audio – video shows and other education for the betterment and advancements of children and grownups. 

Apna Food Bank

Our slogan is that nobody should be hungry, nobody should go without clothes and nobody should die for want of money or medicine. Every day we are providing food for hungry because we are fighting hunger. So that we may raise the standard of our Motherland India.


Art & Craft Center

As of today, we have sparked creativity in lives of 30 ladies who are enjoying benefits of this program. Finished products are sold in market and makes them self- standing.

Sakhee Saheli

Sanitary pad production center – To produce low cost and high-quality sanitary pads thereby generating employment opportunities for uneducated or less educated women.

Spice Making

Purchased machines so that spice grinding and packaging can be done. They will then be sold by us branding label of Human Care International. This will provide job oppurtunities to numerous persons.

Other Projects

There are multiple other ongoing projects like Karuna Dham, New Life Charitable School, Emergency Relief, Music classes, Dance training, Dress Design courses and Beauty Parlour training. Our ambitions are high and not limited to these projects. Mutiple future projects are in planning stage. Stay Tuned!!!

Faith Medicine Bank

Through this medicine bank we collect surplus medicine from different sources and provide the same to the needy people, so they may live long and happy life. Scarcity of money and lack of money holds these poor people to afford quality medicines.